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At the center of it all, Tour Badgers Co. is a backstage pass and credential printing company. We’ve continued to hone our creative and production capabilities to deliver the maximum dynamics of all our products to unlock the potential of our clients’ needs. We also keep our facility unorthodox, because our crew love what they do, and have fun doing it.

Right when it seemed like the pass and credential frontier had been conquered; the Digital Age stormed onto the scene and represented a ginormous, new toy for us to play with. The demand of the music, sports and entertainment industries gave way to a fascinating new concept for creating astonishing new production capabilities through which we could think outside of the box. Suddenly, the old school methods of making passes were too much to bear for even the most seasoned veterans of the industry. Production took too long and cost too much. If we were to evolve with new technology, we had to forget the old paradigms we had been taught for so long. Old habits die hard and we have put them to rest.

We amaze ourselves by finding extraordinary ways to address the same issues, but that’s what Tour Badgers Co. is all about. There isn’t a single solution that fits every problem especially because we are usually developing custom tailored solutions for every one.

There’s always a card up our sleeve and we’re ready to use it to ensure a happy customer.

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Check out the great stuff we make! Laminates, lanyards, satin passes, everything you need!

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